We have options for shipping your auction won merchandise.

Most items sold here can be shipped using FedEx and /or The United States Postal Service, If the are larger like furniture heavy equipment or vehicles that can be shipped on USHIP or by using Fr8star by clicking on the link on this page near the bottom. These links will get you to the quote page fast and efficiently. Larger items are typically much more expensive to get to you, sometimes as much as the item itself or even more, if you are new to freight shipping and the costs involved please be careful when selecting this option. Also, it all depends on the sellers shipping policies. Some do not ship at all; some do not ship freight. Please verify what your seller is willing to do regarding shipping before bidding.   All shipping services here always comes with a base insurance amount with the consumer option at an additional cost insurance at any level requested.

    1. Some sellers have mandatory Local Pick Up procedures and are typically at specified time/s and or day/s. If a seller outlines in their selling terms and conditions that they request only Local Pick Up, then they will not ship the items. Not being aware of the shipping and delivery procedures of a selling facility is not a reason where the buyer does not need to follow through with the buying and pick up of the won items.
    2. Items are shipped by the seller as an additional service offered to the buyer and by no way is a mandatory service by a seller. The seller will list clearly in their terms and conditions what their shipping guidelines and costs are. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
    3. The seller can use a third-party shipper that should include auction item pick up from selling facility, then packaging all items and then adhering the postage to the package and sending the item to the buyer with the most efficient and cost-effective mailing source, typically Fed Ex and USPS. These items shipped in this manor will have a higher shipping cost due to the additional elements of pick-up, third-party packaging and their actual shipping costs. Buyers should know if the seller uses this type of shipping.



Buy your items here! Ship your item using USHIP or FR8STAR!


Buy your items here! Ship your item using FR8STAR!

Buy your items here! Ship your item using USHIP!