Buying on It’s Auction Time website is a simple process. Just click on the SEARCH & BID NOW button on the home page and then find the auction and great items you are interested in. Then click and make your bid. You will need to be a registered buyer. That’s a simple and fast procedure and only needs to be done once.

The first time here and you have never bid then you will need to register and simply follow through on the prompts such as the “Register to Bid’ button for the auction you would like to bid on. To view an auction you need not be registered or signed in. This is just a onetime event and you will never have to do this again. The website knows you are registered and will ask for you to click on sign in on any auction you are interested in. You will be prompted on each new auction to validate who you are. It just takes a few seconds. Should you just be shopping initially and choose to leave – the software will remember you for that specified auction when you come back. So, if you choose to shop, bid, look at your status on the open auction there is no need to re validate in that auction. Once the Auction is over you will be signed out automatically of that specific auction but will still be able to access the auction for any post review.

Registration requires you to submit a credit card or select a card you already have on file with our certified and secure merchant account. This card will be used to pay for the items you are high bidder. If the credit card fails to charge the amount due, then admin from It’s Auction Time may give you a call or an email to update your credit card information or send a 24 hour courtesy invoice you can pay online. It’s Auction Time does not charge for failed Credit Card Charges – However if the account is not brought current may restrict any future bids of items without a secure deposit on hand.

It does not cost anything to register or bid – you will only pay for the items you are high bidder on, plus the Buyer’s Premium if applicable and applicable sales tax. Keeping it simple and efficient.

You are now registered and can bid on any item in the auction. Bidding can be submitted in a couple of different ways.

  1. Bid the next increment – this will increase the bid to the next increment and make you the high bidder until someone outbids you.
  2. Place a “max bid”. Placing a max bid put you in at the next increment but will keep you the high bidder automatically until your maximum is reached. This makes the bidding process easy since you do not have to continually place additional bids when someone else outbids you.

This is a serious business with serious and very professional sellers and please understand all bids are final. There are no retractions whatsoever. So, bid carefully because what you bid on and the amount you commit too you will be expected to pay for. You bid, you win, you buy.

Anytime you are outbid, an email may be sent to you so that you have an option to come back In and bid again if desired if auction is still open. After the auction, you may receive an email letting you know which items you won the bid on. Your credit card will be charged, and you can choose the one of the shipping and/or pick up procedures available to you by each specific seller. Please make sure we have your current email. This is especially important so please keep it updated along with any other contact information.

Please note: our auctions all have a “soft close” – this prevents other bidders from coming in and “sniping” at the last minute. If a bid is received in the last few minutes of the auction, that item will automatically extend minutes giving other bidders a chance to bid. This will continue until no further bids are received and the “soft close” runs out.

If you need any assistance with contact us through email on our support page.