There are two kinds of users on ITS AUCTION TIME bidding platform. which are:


The licensed selling entity comes to the website and registers. There is no charge to be a member of ITS AUCTION TIME as a seller or buyer.Then using the online system after signing in and lists their items within the terms and conditions of IT’S AUCTION TIME.

The private person or buying person for a company comes to the website and registers and through the online system. This buyer/bidder/member then after signing in views the auctions offered for sale.


There are two types of Contact open to Buyers and Sellers… This easy form here is the way to contact IT’S AUCTION TIME for any concerns or questions regarding the website auction billings, functionality and content or any kind of participation. Typical response is within same day 24 hours. Monday thru Friday…

Buyers that wish to contact the seller directly regarding questions and concerns about the seller vehicles, seller policies, seller payments and vehicle pickup policy please look to their seller contact information on their section of this website. It’s Auction Time cannot help you with these issues so contacting us would be an email redirecting you to the seller to answer all seller concerns. It’s Auction Time does not have the ability to give any information regarding a selling facility. The logic is every selling facility has its own terms, conditions, pick up and shipping guidelines separate from each other so contacting them directly will give you much more and efficient information. For More Information Please Call Now

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