There is a special appreciation between most auction buyers and the items they bid on and win. Whether this is the item you ever bought online, IT’S AUCTION TIME understands that you want your item either picked up or shipped in a safe timely manner. We understand that affordable and fair costs are also an important issue when shipping. That is why we can ship with FEDEX, USPS, USHIP or FR8STAR partner that you can easily retrieve a quote from should you not be picking up the item/s or the items cannot be picked up due to seller ALL SHIP policy.

IT’S AUCTION TIME can easily ship the following and more if you are unable to pick-up:

  • Collectibles
  • Jewelry
  • Antiques
  • Vehicles
  • Household Goods
  • Artwork
  • Overstock Merchandise
  • Liquidation Merchandise
  • Shelf Pulls
  • New Products
  • Miscellaneous Finds
  • Guns to any state FFL except California.

Once you win the auction, how do you get it home? Do you pick up or use a shipper? With IT’S AUCTION TIME, it’s up to you. The nice thing is you have choices depending on the seller.

Please link through our affiliates to get the best deals…There you will find a click thru to our authorized partners who can give you a quick quote.

Buy your item here! Ship your item using USHIP or FR8STAR!

Buy your items here! Ship your item using FR8STAR!

Buy your items here! Ship your item using USHIP!