What is an It’s Auction Time auction?

Itsauctiontime.com are all online.

Each item is listed with pictures and an accurate description. All items also have the consignor / seller terms and conditions of each and every seller describing clearly pick – up and payment rules.

All of our auctions feature a “soft close” which means that if an item receives a bid in the final 5 minutes of the auction, the time is extended by 2-5 minutes. This process continues until no more bids are received.

This procedure mimics live auctions where the auctioneer continues asking for additional bids until the bid is no longer advanced. Also eliminates those bidders that like to snipe an auction in the last seconds of an auction. Giving fair play to all.

How do I register for an auction?

From our home page there are many opportunities to register for our auctions. With our system you register once and are never asked again to register – after that, you can login to any of our auctions, when you are asked to validate who you are. The validation only happens once for the full duration of the auction whether you stay online or come back. Having a valid credit / debit card to register is required. This procedure is followed so our systems know who you are each and every time you come to bid o an auction. The same card that you register with will be charged for any items plus sales tax if applicable.

Where can I find the terms and conditions for an auction?

Terms and Conditions are located under “Auction Details” on the auction event page. You are high bidder on unless the auction lists a different form of payment I.e. payment at the selling facility but will be clearly outlined in the auction – read the terms and conditions for each auction to determine how payment will be collected or call the seller if needed if you have questions. Please look for the item location as well so you as a bidder can understand where the item needs to be picked up. Also it’s a good idea to see if the seller ships their items. Many sellers list the shipping information in each auction item to be clear for all high bidders creating no confusion and giving bidder confidence on how to receive the items that they have won.

How does an auction end?

All Auctions list at a specified time. All Auctions have an inspection time period. Most have a three to four-day inspection time before the actual auction begins. Then the auction starts and continues until it is over, typically a few hours in duration. An auction only ends when all bidding has stopped. The auction end date/time is posted for each auction, but some items may continue beyond that if there is active bidding on those items. If a bid is placed within the last 3 minutes, the auction will extend an additional 3 minutes. This will continue until no more bids are received and the timer runs out. When it ends and you are the high bidder you have won the listed auction. Congratulations!

How do I know I if I’ve been outbid or won an auction?

When you are bidding on an item whether in pre-auction or current auction mode you may be outbid immediately by the built in “Proxy Bid” system. This is where another bidder who may not be present has set their bid higher than yours. This automated bidding will continue to outbid the current bidder until it has reached their maximum “Proxy Bid”.

If you are present on the website bidding whether bidding in a minimum increment or a larger “Jump Bid” (larger the single minimum increment like $10 or a larger bid like $100).  you will be advised of your bid outcome. This means online immediately on your screen the system will advise you that you are the high bidder, or you have been outbid. If you have been outbid, you have the option to bid higher or not.

Not being present, so I.e. you bid on the first pre-view auction listing day and exit the website and then two days later you are out-bid by another bidder you are notified by email.  Be warned depending on when the outbid happens and how close you are to your email determines whether you will have time to come back online to bid again on the item. Keeping your email you register with is current along with all your contact info current is important for this process.

How do I pay for my items?

Payment terms are specified in the auction’s terms and conditions. It is important that you as a bidder read and understand each seller / consignor term and conditions. The terms and conditions will vary from one seller / consignor to another. Please get familiar with your seller / consignor terms and conditions before you bid.

Can items be shipped?

Shipping is available on many auctions/items, but not all auctions that offer shipping will ship all items. Check in the Auction’s Terms & Conditions for shipping costs and availability. Shipping is always an additional expense to the buyer.

Shipping insurance is recommended for all shipped items and must be arranged by the buyer. The seller / consignor is not responsible for items damaged during the shipping and handling process. Please understand that items can be damaged in shipping and becomes the shippers’ (I.e. FedEx) responsibility and is the buyers responsibility to deal with the shipper. The seller / consignor has no ability or reason to get involved to get involved at this point, nor can they actually have any impact even if they could.

Understanding that fragile items are more likely to be damaged in shipping than non-fragile items is important for the buyer to understand the added risk. Fragile items are more costly to ship as well as larger packaging is involved.

Bid Cancellation.

Please bid carefully because there are no bid cancellations. If you bid and you are the high bidder at the auction end you are now the owner of the item and are responsible for payment for the item.

Does the bid amount include the Auction and other Fees?

The bid amount ONLY includes the price you are willing to pay for the item. Auction fees, its auction time fees, documentation fees, and any shipping costs if selected are NOT INCLUDED in the bid and will be added within the terms and conditions of any sellers auction/s.